Haiden Deegan is accustomed to being out front, and pushing the limits. He was the youngest athlete to perform a back flip on a dirt bike; he was only 10 years old. Now at age 14, he is an accomplished, and experienced racer who has remarkable skill, and ability. He once won 4 championships in a single day. A role model to kids of every age, and a threat to anyone he lines up against, his popularity has exploded. He’s currently one of the most influential motocross athletes of any age with over a million social media followers. As natural in front of the camera as he is on the bike, Haiden will only get better as time goes on. 

Haiden has built a social media following that is formidable, ranking him within the top 3 most influential and active athletes on two wheels. 

His father Brian Deegan, a motocross icon, encouraged him to follow his passion and utilize his talent for the sport. Together, they ride often, and Haiden’s natural ability combined with Brian’s work ethic makes him explosive.

Haiden has won over thirty championships, and was the youngest person in the world to ever land a backflip on a motorcycle at just 10 years of age. He has won championships at every level he has raced. With the power of his social media and his on-track success 

Haiden Deegan is positioned to become a motorsports marketing sensation.